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This tastes nice, looks good and was very easy to make. It is, as the previous reviewer found, pretty dry and crumbly. I baked the cake in a six-cup half bundt pan, using half of the amounts of ingredients listed. I didn't even need to get out my mixer. I used oil only, no applesauce. Maybe it's moister with applesauce? Knowing that this kind of cake is often better the following day, I waited until the next day to cut it. I used the optional nuts and raisins, but only dusted the top with a little confectioners' sugar, rather than make the icing. The icing might have made it a tiny bit moister. I really don't know. My rating is 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 in this case. Thank you for an interesting, but disappointing experience. UPDATE: I have managed to cure this cake's dryness by spritzing it with liquid. I put the cake into a plastic food container and sprayed it thoroughly with peach liqueur, that I had put into a spray bottle. I then waited for the cake to soak up the moisture, and was rewarded with a reasonably moist, very flavorful cake. I had been afraid I would have to throw it away, so was quite happy with the result. I think any compatible liqueur, or even unflavored sugar syrup would do the trick. It is not necessary to use very much.

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mianbao April 22, 2014

The taste was ok on this, but considering the amount of various liquids and brown sugar, I expected it to be quite moist; actually it turned out pretty dry and crumbly. I don't have a bundt pan, so I baked it in a regular 9x13 pan, but for only 35 min., so I don't think it was overbaked. It also had a hard crust on top that didn't take the icing very well.

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Jo Ann L May 16, 2005
Pumpkin Oat Cake