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I doubled the garlic, used a large shallot instead of onion and left out the pepper and mint. Other than that I followed it exactly. The sauce looks like vomit but tastes so amazingly good hubby and I were truly gobsmacked. Will make again whenever pumpkins are in season. Nomnomnom

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dimensionally transcendental March 26, 2012

Fantastic....loved it. I used gluten-free pasta and stock for this recipe. I chose it as my husband brought home the hugest pumpkin from a roadside stall. I wasn't so sure how the lentils and pumpkin would be all blended together with the sauce- but I shouldn't have worried as they made a wonderful tasty filling. The lasagne came together easily. I made a double recipe that made one HUGE vege lasagne....so I will be slicing and freezing for quick meals OAMC style. Editted to add- I took over 1/2 my lasagne to my parents today-my 79 year old Dad said it was delish, had seconds and he doesn't even like pumpkin (but what he doesn't know -wont hurt him right ) . The flavours in this lasagne improved overnight- the day after baking this lasagne tasted even better. Thanks for a great recipe Stardustannie - we'll definitely be making this one again *Recipe made during PAC Spring 08* Photo also being posted

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**Jubes** May 02, 2008

Delicious! I followed the recipe as close as I could as far as measurements, but left out the mint, I didn't have any to use. I used a combo of cheddar and mozzarella cheese and added some parsley, garlic and onion powder to the ricotta mix. I loved how creamy this was. You couldn't taste the pumpkin or detect the lentils.Spinach would work really well in this recipe. My DH isn't a fan of lasagna of any kind and he said he loved this. It sliced up easily and really held it's shape, but wasn't the least bit dry. I baked this up in an 8x8 baking and would say it would easily feed six. Thanks for sharing this tasty, healthy recipe.

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Lucky in Bayview January 03, 2015

Wow... really good! I absolutely loved it and will be making this again! I don't eat grains so I actually replaced the pasta with thinly sliced eggplant (I know its not the same but I do what I can lol) and it was still realllllllly good!

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Errrrin November 05, 2010

I love this recipe! I usually modify it a bit according to what I've got in the cupboard and garden and I use a traditional cheese topping, but it's a fantastic all season recipe!

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Canberra Cookie Monsters October 19, 2009

This turned out really great. I was a little worried while making up the sauce, but boy, it turned out good. I love the pumpkin and lentils and used low fat cheese and sour cream. This was my first time using non-cook pasta and it worked out great. I will make this again for sure. Thanks for posting!

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VegSocialWorker August 22, 2006
Pumpkin & Lentil Lasagna