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I have eaten this and have finally had a chance to make it. I love the taste and brought it as a gift for friends this weekend who loved it as well. As a variation, I might shred the pumpkin and then mix with the ingredients. Demolishing the pumpkin and making it all in the food processor made it very dense and heavy. I might also cut back on the margarine a litlle and /or 1 egg since the demolished pumpkin added so much moisture. In general I love pumpkin and this is a really nice variation from carrot kugel.

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Caryn Gale February 01, 2003

What an unexpected pleasure! We have our first home grown pumpkins ripening and this was the first recipe we chose to make... and we are glad we did! The taste and texture were wonderful. Thanks for the recipe!! Dianne

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Pianolady September 15, 2003

This is delicious - cold and warm. I used the same amount of carrots as was written for the pumpkin (where is the recipe for Lennie's Carrot Mold?) and it was all done in the food processor. Even so, the taste was not overwhelmingly "carrot." The family thought it was pumpkin! It was also so easy!! Used eggbeaters instead of whole eggs, and cinnamon and ginger - two favorite spices. Thanks, Mirj.

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the real lani October 07, 2008

I was a little nervous - this was my first time using a recipe that someone just posted on the internet - but this was a huge hit with our shabbos guests! I used canned pumpkin instead of fresh and added a dash of cinnamon and allspice. I baked it in two 8" square pans for an hour a day ahead, then kept it covered in a warm oven until it was served. The extra oven time did not seem to hurt it any. Great recipe!

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KosherChef December 04, 2005
Pumpkin Kugel Inspired by Lennie's Carrot Mold