Pumpkin Fluff

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Total Time
2hrs 5mins
5 mins
2 hrs

I got this recipe from Weight Watchers. 2 cups of Fluff = 2 pts. Cook time is Chill time.

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  1. Combine all ingredients in order.
  2. Chill for 2 hours.
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Maby a fellow Weight Watcher can only fully appreciate this recipe. I love it. The first time I ate this was at a friends house. I was pleased to find this recipe on Zaar. To me this is such a nice treat for just a point or two, depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have. Thanks for sharing.

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Everyone that tried this at Thanksgiving really liked it. I mixed a large package of pudding to the pumpkin. I think a small package would have worked fine. Besides the large pack of sugar-frees does not weigh what she said it does. We well be making this again. Thank you for shaing.

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Pumpkin pie? Nope. But very tasty. There is no way I could eat 2 cups and I love sweets! I added some pumpkin pie spice in with the pumpkin and pudding, and then folded in the cool-whip. Very yummy!