Pumpkin, Cumin and Chilli Soup

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

This soup will be the star of your fall dinner table when you serve it up using the pumpkin as a bowl. Depending on how spicy you'd like it to be, you can either de-seed the chilli or throw it all in the soup.

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  1. Slice the top off the pumpkin and set it aside.
  2. Later it will be the lid for your pumpkin-pot serving bowl.
  3. Use your hands to pull out all the strings and seeds in the centre of the pumpkin.
  4. You can, if you like, save the seeds for roasting.
  5. Now use a spoon to scoop out as much of the flesh as you can, but be careful not to break through the shell of the pumpkin.
  6. Remember, you want to use it as a bowl afterwards.
  7. Roughly chop the pumpkin flesh and then heat the oil or butter in a big pot.
  8. Throw in the cumin seeds and onion, frying and stirring occasionally until the onion becomes translucent.
  9. Add the chilli and sugar and stir well, then throw in the hot stock and pumpkin flesh.
  10. Simmer until the pumpkin is soft enough to purée.
  11. Add salt to taste and then blitz until smooth.
  12. Add the cream, if desired, and pour into the pumpkin shell.
  13. Make patterns on the surface by drizzling over the oil.
  14. Serve immediately.


Most Helpful

I used vegetable broth and canned pumpkin,ground cumin and chile powder. I left out the sugar (thought it was sweet enough). Husband loved it. Very hearty.

SherryKaraoke December 20, 2003

Oh. My. Goodness. This soup is fabulous! I love the cumin flavor with the pumpkin! I subbed beef broth for the chicken, and also evaporated milk for the cream, and it was just out of this world...hot, thick, comforting bowl of heaven. Thanks so much!:)

canarygirl December 12, 2003

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