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Made exactly as written for my X-Mas family food gifts this yr. For pure goodness, these muffins are a clear winner & were my DH's favorite from the selection of goodies for the food gifts, but I did have tech issues. The cream cheese mixture never froze (even after an extended amt of time), so chunks of it were not able to be pressed into the center of the muffins. I tried spooning it in the center, but it just spread over the top of the muffin during baking (didn't hurt the taste, but their appearance suffered). Perhaps loading only half batter, then the cream cheese mixture & topping that w/more batter is the solution. The recipe also made way more than I expected. The stated yield was 24 & I got 36 muffins. The cook time was spot-on & the taste divine. Thx for sharing this great recipe. :-)

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twissis December 25, 2014

Was quite good. I made 3 times. 1st time as instructed. 2nd time added chocolate chips. 3rd time added oreos. in order of my favorites I'd have to say...321.

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Christi M. October 27, 2014

This is a good base recipe for very moist and tasty muffins. However, you absolutely cannot just place hunks of unaltered cream cheese in the middle- it is far too bitter in the middle of a sweet muffin. When I tried to alter it by beating with butter, vanilla, and sugar- the consistency was too soft (even after freezing for quite some time) and consequently the filling exploded all over the muffins during the baking process. The taste was great, presentation not so much. I am still tinkering with a way to have a sweeter cream cheese center (that is visible) and still keep the look of the muffin (similar to Starbucks' old muffins) in tact.

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charismacai December 09, 2013

Everyone loves these muffins. i made extremely slight changes, I used caned pumpkin which made them nice and spiciey. For the topping I used raw pecans and pumpkin seeds, I mixed them with a teaspoon of molasses 1 teaspoon of brown sugar a pinch of each of the spices perfecto!

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Erin C. November 24, 2013

Simple and Delish! Moist, creamy, great aroma, a fall/holiday go to baking treat. I add a drip of vanilla ontop of each pat of cream cheese once in the muffins for color and flavor.

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Elizabeth B. November 14, 2013

I used the applesauce and mixed some brown sugar in with the white. Delish!

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Carolyn F. October 26, 2013

Awesome! Tastes better than the Starbucks muffins actually. I stuck to the recipe, except I cut the sugar by 1/2 cup (trying to cut sugar for health reasons). It was still sweet enough, and was nice because it didn't overpower the rich spices and pumpkin flavour of the muffin.

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893271 October 07, 2013

This was tasty, but I also found that it made far too much batter. Next time, I will double the cream cheese filling, and plan on making closer to 36 muffins. I used the extra batter by covering the cream cheese with an extra Tbsp of batter for a dozen muffins. I poured the remaining batter into a loaf pan, and made a small pumpkin bread.

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CaraPK September 25, 2013

Oh My Goodness!! These are amazing! I took the advice of some other reviewers and doubled the cinnamon. I halved the cloves as I'm not a huge fan of it. I also jazzed up the cream cheese with vanilla, powdered sugar and brown sugar. So glad I did that, it made the cream cheese sweet and helped to balance the spices from the muffin nicely. I also topped them with some leftover streusel that I had leftover from another muffin and added the chopped pecans. It's everything I can do to not sit down with them all and help them disappear. My new favorite muffin recipe for sure!

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2SpiceItUp July 11, 2013

Very delicious! I can't remember what the Starbucks version tastes like now (gluten free for a while so no more tasty pastries with my coffee), but these were very good. I was a little unsure how they would turn out because the batter was very bitter, but they were not bitter at all after they were baked. I suspect it may have been from the gluten free flour I used. <br/><br/>I used sucanat instead of white sugar, and light olive oil. Just kind of winged it with the spices since I didn't have pumpkin pie spice, but they were nicely spicy and pumpkiny. I also did as other reviewers and added powdered sugar and vanilla to the cream cheese. I will say that rolling the cream cheese into a log and freezing it would have worked better if I had put it in the freezer LONG before started mixing the batter. It was very messy and hard to work with because it wasn't really solid, but I didn't want to wait any longer. I topped the muffins with chopped pecans and a sprinkle of brown sugar, but demarrera (sp?) would have been better. <br/><br/>I will definitely make these again, thanks for sharing!

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The Frugal Cheflady April 11, 2013
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (Like Starbucks)