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i have one suggestion that i think made this chili everyones favorite... i decided to be festive and make this for our halloween dinner party. everyone was skeptical before i made it but after tasting could not figure out how such a unique mix could be so good! every single guest went back for seconds:) i followed the recipe except i used ground beef instead of turkey because i think it adds more flavor. i also added browned beef & cooked rest of ingredients in crockpot instead of using a skillet. kept on low for an hour so guest could eat whenever they were hungry. my one suggestion that was a big hit is to serve warm chili over a large bake potato and top with sour cream and chives. this will be are annualy halloween chili for years to come. thanks for posting!!!

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Long legged mama November 02, 2009

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was quite delighted with the end result. I made this almost exactly as posted, except I used a packet of hot chili seasoning mix in place of the spices, and also added a tad bit of salt to taste. The pumpkin really added a great texture to the chili and a subtle creaminess that elevated this from plain old chili to scrumptious chili. I will definitely be making this again!

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JackieOhNo! February 12, 2013

This was a great recipe! I loved the addition of pumpkin! I only put in 3/4 TSBP of the chili powder because I was afraid of making it too spicy since my 2 boys and I both don't like spice. I saved the 1/4 in case my husband wanted to add extra in since he likes the spice. The heat was just right for us, and my husband was pleased with it enough that he didn't choose to add any more spice. I'm definitely keeping this recipe on hand! Thanks for posting!

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cmr1120 January 07, 2016

This one wasn't for us. It was too tomatoey for us and I only used 1 8oz can of tomatoe sauce. As soon as I put it in, I knew I shouldn't have put any. It was edible but I wouldn't make it again. We covered up the taste by adding cheese, sour cream, and sir racha on top. And eating it with tostadas. I took it to my neighbor and she liked it, but she loves tomatoes.

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seal angel February 19, 2013

The tomatoes overpower the pumpkin a little too much. To fix this, I had to add about 1/4 tsp of cinnamon and 1/2 tsp onion powder. I did use ground beef instead of turkey. Even though I made this substitution, it felt as if the flavor was missing some body. Next time I'll add some beef broth.

It is a different kind of spicy, and when I say spicy, I mean mild. (I'm not really into spicy.) But I can tell you that most likely, it needs another kind of pepper if you really like spicy. Because I like sweeter things generally, I took it from on the fence to the sweeter side with the cinnamon. I also added a few fresh basil leaves. But overall, pretty good, just wasn't what I was expecting. It just ended up being more generic than pumpkin festive. Try it with sweet cornbread :)

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erikavictoriadane October 28, 2012

This was a hit at our house! I used a pound of lean ground beef, and a combination of beans based on what I had on hand. I also substituted diced summer squash for the corn based on personal preference. We couldn't really taste the pumpkin, but there was definitely "something" different about this chili that went over very well. I used pre-cooked beef from my freezer, and threw everything into the crock pot for about 4 hours on high. Perfect!

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smellyvegetarian August 27, 2012

I chose NOT to use diced tomato's and it was more like a chili used it as a dip. tomato makes it soupy

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sparacino7 January 17, 2012

We love the consistency and flavor of this chili! I used hamburger instead of ground turkey. I also added a can of black beans, in addition to the kidney beans, and doubled the frozen corn. It was fantastic served over baked potatoes with a dollop of light sour cream on top!

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swankypup November 15, 2011

The flavor was very good. And it was easy. I used black beans instead.

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MoreWithLessMom September 30, 2011
Pumpkin Chili Mexicana