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This is the first time I have made cheesecake so this is a newbie review for it. My cheesecake cracked really bad but I think I overcooked it. My mother turned the oven down and we cooked it longer than advised. I treated it more like a cake and did the tooth pick test on it(waited for it to be mostly clean b4 pulling it.). I added a couple more table spoons of sugar to the batter and the whip cream so I think that is more of a "to taste" ingrediant. This is a receipe that I want to try again and again. It had an excellent taste. The whip cream was a perfect accompaniment. I did not drizzle caramel over it(time crunch) but will next time. Overall even with it overcooked (my fault) it was EXCELLENT!!!!

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ceyanne November 30, 2005

Perfection! Nice cheesecake flavor, not overpowered by pumpkin. Wonderful with the cinnamon whipped cream and carmel sauce, do not skip! Only problem, I ate way too much of the cheesecake myself!

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Mommy Chef 27 November 17, 2009

I was in the mood for something pumpkin and with fall coming this looked good. This is To Die For Good!!!

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MixingItAllUp September 28, 2008

Good cheesecake!! l followed allmost everything exept the topping. Which l mixed up sourcream and whipped cream with icing shugar and cinnamon just to personal taste. Even turned out moist and didnt crack.

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babyiguana March 03, 2008

Mmmmmm! This tasted sooo good. I made this cheesecake for DH's co-worker's birthday. She's the usual office baker, so I thought it was sad that she'd have store-bought treats for her birthday. This is creamy, pumpkiny and perfectly spiced. The only thing I changed was to make the crust with all grahm crackers, due to a nut allergy. Just increased crumbs to a total of 1 1/2 cups and omitted the pecans (even though I personally would have loved them!). I did put a pan of hot water on the oven rack below the one on which the cheesecake baked, and the cheesecake came out perfect...not a crack in sight. I ran the knife around the edge right away as suggested also. I know I will make this again, and the only thing that I'll do differently is to bake it slightly longer. I took it out at 45 minutes and didn't worry about the jiggly center, but it never did firm up as much in the middle as I'd have liked. I think another 5 minutes of baking time will correct that problem. The cinnamon whipped cream was yummy, too, and some of the guys at the office wanted to know why the "Cool Whip" tasted so good! :-D

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ReeLani January 01, 2008

This was very delicious. My only problem was that although it looked set after it cooled, it was still very soft in the center and I prefer it to be a little firmer. I used the Neufchatel instead of full fat cream cheese- maybe that was why? Regardless, it tasted fabulous and the cinnamon whipped cream was the crowning jewel- don't skip it. The crust- I was skeptical about the small amount of butter and it seemed like it would be too crumbly. I nearly doubled the butter and it was very crispy, reminding us a bit of pecan pie. In retrospect I think it was probably unnecessary, but a tasty twist.

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groovychick October 28, 2007

This was a wonderfull recipe! Cheesecakes are one of my favorites and I loved having one that fit perfect for Thanksgiving. I have made it twice with only a few adjustments. I like a bit more pumpkin and spices in mine. The first time I made it for a party and it was gone before the main course was finished. For those who were having trouble with cracking...be carefull not to overcook. If the center is still a little jiggly after you cook it for 45 min dont continue to cook longer, cheesecakes are usually always jiggly until they are completely cooled and set. Also make sure you let it cool completely before putting in the fridge to also help avoid cracking. If you still have trouble with cracking after all those precautions sometimes a waterbath helps.

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Airborne Angel December 09, 2005

Of the 3 desserts I made over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, this was by far the favorite! I had some cracking too, but next time I will run a knife around the edge the minute it comes out of the oven. The cinnamon whipped cream was the crowning touch! Wonderful! Thanks Evelyn.

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JeanMI December 03, 2003

Great recipe!! Cake had excellent flavor and texture. Very smooth. I used almonds instead of pecans in the crust since I had them on hand. Had some cracking when the cake cooled but I put the Cinnamon Whip on top and spackled the cracks. Nice look and no one knew. Yummy!!!

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trix4pens November 29, 2003

Made this for Christmas....a big hit, thanks! For Crust- used gingersnap crumbs (about 2-3c) mixed with 2tbsp honey and enough melted butter to hold the mixture tog. when pressed into 10" spingform- baked 10min at 350. For filling- accidentally used only 3 packages of the cream cheese and it still turned out!! (saw the package lying on the counter after it went in the oven- lol) Baked it until it was firm on top with a slight spring- about 45 min.
And it didn't crack using the fresh out of the oven knife around the pan trick. Also, tried serving it only a few hours after cooling as it wasn't set in the middle (pudding-like), (we were all too full anyway, but the next day it had set in the cold and was absolutely yummy- the cornstarch must have set) Will be part of this family's traditions now!

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MammaAim January 03, 2011
Pumpkin Cheesecake