Pumpkin Cake With Caramel Orange Slices

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Recipe by chef zermane dit ze

From Stephanie Alexanders South West France

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  1. For the orange slices.
  2. put 1/2 cup sugar and water into saucepan.
  3. stir medium heat until dissolved.
  4. increase heat and boil until caramel colour.
  5. pour most of it into a 22cm cake tin.
  6. add orange juice to saucepan stir until smooth.
  7. put orange slices.
  8. in shallow dish and pour over caramel orange syrup.
  9. put in fridge.
  10. steam pumpking intil tender.
  11. drain 10 minutes.
  12. heat oven 150 degrees celcius.
  13. melt butter and add pumpkin and turn to absorb butter and evaporate liquid.
  14. do not let burn.
  15. remove, cool 5 minutes and puree.
  16. using mixer beat sugar, all eggs together until thick anf pale.
  17. add sest and flour.
  18. and pumpkin and beat well.
  19. our into caramel lines pan and cook 45 minutes.
  20. remove and cool completely even overnight before unmouldin.
  21. serve with chilled caramel oranges.

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