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I like very dense, hearty muffins, so these certainly fit that bill. I think they may be a little heavy for many tastes, though, and my son commented that they were a little dry. The batter was quite dry, so the muffins really didn't bake up very attractively (of course, looks can be overrated :) ). I do think that with their fiber content being what it is, though, these muffins need to be judged on a different scale than most other muffins. I used 1% milk, subbed 1 large beaten egg (exactly 1/4 cup) for the egg substitute, used white whole-wheat flour (which, as opposed to regular whole-wheat, should have lightened them up a bit), and subbed Penzeys baking spice mix for the apple pie spice; I don't think any of these changes had a negative effect on the outcome. I froze the extras and am enjoying them for quick, fiber-filled breakfasts. Just a note about kids, since you mentioned them in your description: I would be careful serving these to very young children, especially those who may not be accustomed to a lot of fiber in their diets. Children's fiber requirements are less than adults (general rule of thumb for recommended grams is age plus 5), and with very young children it would be easy to overdo it with very many of these over a short time. Anyway,I liked them--thanks for posting!

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GaylaJ February 15, 2007
Pumpkin Bran Muffins