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Attractive & delicious, I think this is restaurant-worthy. The nut and oat combination put a granola-y spin on the pumpkin filling, and the super-crunchy topping perfectly off-set the filling's more solid texture. I used fresh pumpkin puree, but then was annoyed that I was fresh out of ginger of any variety! So I substituted 1/4 t. cardamon, 1/4 t. nutmeg, and 1 T. powdered orange peel without regret. At Step 10, I wondered whether a double-batch of topping would look more attractive (it was pretty patchy until I sprinkled on more slivered almonds at the last minute), but the end result was so perfect, that I don't know that I would recommend that afterall! Thanks, KittenCal, for a great, definitely-make-again Autumn Treat!

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DoubletheGarlic February 13, 2016

I cut this recipe in half and doubled the topping. If anyone else does this, I recommend shortening the cooking time. I did not, and overcooked mine. Still, the taste is good. I used my own pumpkin puree that I had made from one of our Halloween pumpkins, and for the topping, I used a mixture of walnuts & pecans. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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TexasKelly December 12, 2010
Pumpkin Bars With Brown Sugar Nut Topping