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I've had this in my cookbook for ages and was doing a tidy up and came across it. I am really going to have to try recipes shortly after I save them. This is a real treat. Really easy and DELICIOUS. I wish I had tried this earlier, but there are always so many good recipes constantly coming through it is a challenge to keep up with them. I am now on a mission to try out other recipes that I have kept, and not got around to trying.

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Sueie April 06, 2004

The base of this recipe is very nice. A couple of minor changes.
I did dice my bacon up first, and sauteed with the onion, and plenty of garlic; I also added a pinch of red pepper flakes, because pumpkin can be very bland.

The addition of the wine was very nice, but after tasting I still needed some extra flavor for my tastes. I added a little brandy which really gave it a nice depth of flavor.
And I also added some fresh thyme to the dish as the sauce cooked.

I'm giving this 5 stars because the base recipe, was very good. Just because I added extra flavors for my taste didn't take away from the base recipe which is quite delicious. Served with penne pasta and toasted pumpkin seeds as a garnish

Thx for a very enjoyable dish!

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SarasotaCook November 07, 2012

I made this the other night to go with some gnocchi. I was looking for something pumpkin as it is the season for it and all. I think it turned out really well. I should have chopped up the bacon before cooking it with the onions because it didn't cook as fast as the onions did. I did use parsley but I actually thought it overpowered the pumpkin so I probably wouldn't add it next time. I'd make it again though, thanks!

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Pismo October 22, 2008

This sounded so interesting, as I’ve never had it. If you do like pumpkin try this. We sautéed chopped garlic along with the onion & if you’re a garlic lover, this addition is a must for the flavor. I also thought the chopped fresh parsley was a main player too, so I wouldn’t omit it. We seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, & nutmeg. Served with penne & grilled pork tenderloin that was wrapped in bacon (got at Costco). Everything worked so nicely together.

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discriminating tastes... June 19, 2006
Pumpkin & Bacon Pasta Sauce