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The recipe got raves here. I left it with full sugar so I didn't try it myself but it was five fingers up! I skipped the topping as the guys said that they didn't really care about having it added. I used the mini angel food pans to make 6 huge muffins. They came out light, very moist and are going fast! The baking aroma is divine. They were baking when the men came indoors and nosed were raised, snuffing and I head a couple of variations of "It sure smalls good in here". Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia October 03, 2009

How yummy! I cooked mine for 32 minutes only - I wanted it a tad gooey in the center. It was so fallish and moist and a hit at my meeting. My DH went to sample it and ended up eating 1/4 of the cake! This one's a keeper!

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Rachie P October 01, 2009

I've made this delicious cake twice in the past week...both for group gatherings...and it received VERY HIGH marks from everyone! I've also shared the recipe with one person, and SHE was asked to submit the cake for a church auction...how's THAT for praise? I did make a few adjustments to the recipe...all of which seemed to work just fine. I cut back on the white sugar by 1/4 cup, as I didn't want the finished product to be too sweet. In addition to the called-for 1 tsp. cinnamon in the recipe, I used my own pumpkin pie spice concoction...a total of 3 tsp. cinnamon, 1 1/2 tsp. ginger and 3/4 tsp. cloves, actually more than the 1 Tbsp. of pumpkin pie spice called for, but nice! I was generous with the apples as well, using all of two medium -sized ones, a bit more than 2 cups. Also added about 1 cup of raisins...steeped in 3 Tbsp. brandy in microwave for 20 seconds to soften, then cooled...and added the liquid along with the raisins, and apples. Be aware that the batter is REALLY thick and takes some patience spreading evenly in a 13 X 9 pan. Finally, I eliminated the topping altogether, simply dusting the top of the cake with powdered sugar! This is one terrific Fall treat...thanks, Rita!

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Grammy Bunny September 26, 2007

The taste was good. The texture was too dense for me, but my husband and son both thought it was fine. However, I made it with only the crumb topping. The crumb topping was very dry and kind of bitter. I would strongly recommend either adding sugar to the topping or using the optional glaze.

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miscellaneousmail November 18, 2005

Made this yesterday and loved it! It's easy to make and so moist. DH put a dollop of whipped cream on his. I took your advice, Rita, and used a glaze made of confectioner's sugar and Buttershots. Mmmm, good. Thanks for a great recipe, Rita.

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Whisper January 17, 2005

Served this to dinner guests last night. Everyone loved it! I washed and cored the apples, chopped them in the food processor. Used whole wheat pastry flour for the flour and sugar substitute for the white sugar. For the topping I added 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to the mix. Thanks for a moist and tasty cake!

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PaulaG January 16, 2005
Pumpkin Apple Crumb Cake