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We enjoyed the oven pancakes very much. I Cut the recipe in half for the two of us and used sugar twin brown suger with no fat sour cream. It turned out quite puffy, reminded me of puffy yorkshire pudding. Simple and easy to make and quick too. We put blackberries from the freezer in the middle. Another time I might add a little sweetener to the puff, just so it wouldn't seem quite like yorkshire , but all in all it is a good recipe, something different. Thanks for sharing Sharon123.

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Derf November 24, 2002

I love oven baked pancakes and this recipe was wonderful, quick and easy to make. It puffed up beautifully. I made the pancake in individual pans so that we could each have our own favorite toppings. My dh had bananas and icing sugar on his, while I had bananas, blackberries and sour cream with the brown sugar. The brown sugar was a nice addition, making for a lovely sweet breakfast treat. Thanks for sharing another winner Sharon. Made for Aussie Swap

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Baby Kato February 06, 2012

This recipe is a nice one for a special occasion or for a weekend breakfast. I have a similar recipe ( Gramma's German Pancakes With Honey Butter ), so I made this one using some of those techniques (put the ingredients in the blender and bake in cast-iron frying pans). The results were fabulous! We served with Honey Butter and the boys were licking their chops! In fact, I had to make a second batch--which requires some patience, since these take a bit of time to bake--but well-worth the wait! *ZWT 6 - Germany*

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Debber May 21, 2010

I scaled this down to half and served with some boysenberries & yoghurt. This was a lovely brekky and the little bowl made from the puff would be great for company. The batter I would probably like a little sweeter but then sugar may ruin the puff.... Made for ZWT 4.

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**Mandy** July 08, 2008

This was very easy and quick to make. We had it for a light supper with strawberries and stewed apples. The sour cream and brown sugar was a delicious addition to the fruit. We really enjoyed them, and I'll make them again. I made them in disposable pie plates,quick clean up. Thanks Sharon!

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Bugstomper February 13, 2003

Yummy, fun for a change which I made gluten free!! DH, DD1 (4 years old) and I enjoyed them. I used brown rice flour, white rice flour and tapioca starch for the all purpose flour (half the amount of starch to flour), homogenized milk, sweet butter (unsalted), bananas mixed into the brown sugar (and strawberries another time but we preferred the banana), and Balkan (thick) yogurt instead of sour cream to be corn free. I'd say this make 2 large servings not 4 as you don't cut the pancake in half. I will make this recipe again makeing sure to make them thin (too much batter is not as good). Originally made for Veggie Swap #45 ~ April 2012 ~

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UmmBinat April 06, 2012

I made this over at my in-laws house and everyone loved it. I used Splenda brown sugar substitute, strawberries, blueberries and fat free sour cream. It made for a nice morning treat. Made for July 2011 All You Can Cook Buffet.

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Crafty Lady 13 July 25, 2011
Puffy Surprise Oven Pancakes