Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 20 mins

Beautiful puffed up egg "pancake". The kids love to watch this cook and it tastes sooo good. A favorite at my house. Top with fruit and powdered sugar or any flavor of syrup. This version is slightly healthier as I have used egg whites instead of whole eggs.

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  1. Place butter in a 9x13 pan and slice into smaller pieces. Place the pan in the oven and then turn the oven on and let it heat to 425. While butter is melting mix other ingredients.
  2. In a large mixing bowl wisk together eggs, milk, flour, and salt. For best results don't use an electric mixer. If it gets mixed too much it won't puff up. By hand is great and you don't need to worry about getting all of the lumps out. Check the butter!
  3. By now your butter should be nice and melted and bubbly. Pour your egg mixture into the melted butter. DO NOT MIX. Just let them swish around together.
  4. Place the pan back in the oven and let cook for 15-20 minutes. Don't forget to turn the oven light on and watch. When the batter is set and all puffy and the edges are starting to brown it's done. Another tip - don't open the oven while it's cooking, sometimes it will fall. The pancake will fall seconds after you remove it from the oven so have your audience waiting to enjoy.
  5. Enjoy this pancake plain or top with syrup or fruit and powdered sugar. Our favorite is a simple raspberry sauce. Cut into 12 pieces. 4 very small children and 2 adults easily finish this off.


Most Helpful

We love this recipe for breakfast when we are vacationing with the RV and the In-Laws. Space is tight in an RV and with these oven pancakes everybody gets to eat at the same time before we're heading out with the ATV's.
They are also good to eat cold out on the trail.
Love it!!!

susie1973 May 20, 2011

I halved the recipe but still used 3 egg whites (i didn't want to throw them away) so it turned out to be a bit eggy. I also beat the eggs so it turned out v fluffy and overall delicious (minus the eggy taste). I also added 2 spoons of sugar instead of salt. I'll definitely make again, using full recipe.

Czarina's Cookbook October 31, 2009

These are really good. I wanted the fluffiness to persist after taking this out of the oven however, so I beat the egg whites until fluffy peaks formed and folded it in, and added a dash of baking powder to the batter. I then topped it with a hot fresh blueberry compote. They were fantastic and I love the oven idea, we could all eat at the same time! Thanks a lot!

Pantry MacGyver August 20, 2009

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