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Great Omelet, made this as a special breakfast for DH after he returned from a long trip and he loved it. I followed your advice and didn't add anything additional to it. When making it I always have a hard time turnng the omelette so I started it in a pan with metal handles till the bottom was firm and then placed in a 350 pre-heated oven for the top to become firm. Then when I removed it - was a snap to fold in half. Loved how fluffy and light it was with whisking the whites of the eggs. This was a great tasting, elegant looking and simple to prepare breakfast.

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Bonnie G #2 July 05, 2009

The most delicious omelet I have ever eaten. I was wondering how to use the mascarpone cheese I had leftover from another recipe and this was perfect. I omitted the rosemary as a personal preference.

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iris5555 January 21, 2013

Simply delicious!! A really light and fluffy omelet,obtained with the utmost ease....full of flavour from the chives,and the mixture of cheeses (I went with the sour cream option rather than the mascarpone). An indulgent start to the day that doesn't require much effort...thumbs up from me!

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Noo August 02, 2009

So good! I used fat free sour cream instead of the mascarpone. I will be making my omelets like this from now on.

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AyronV July 03, 2009

I made this as written although 5 minutes on my range yielded a close-to-burnt omelet. So, I quickly moved the pan to a smaller burner and reduced the temperature to low. Fresh herbs from the garden, heavy cream for cream, full fat sour cream for mascarpone, local free range eggs, Irish Dubliner cheddar. Unlike any omelet I've ever eaten. If angels prepared omelets, it would taste like this! Thank you for posting the recipe! It's been added to my newest cookbook: Book #250250! Most importantly however: ~Tasty Dish~ approved! Reviewed for ZWT 2009. Keep the excellent recipes comin', Bluemoon! cg

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COOKGIRl June 05, 2009

Very delicious! I for some reason could not get the egg white to stiffen but rather just mixed them with the egg yolk and had to be satisfied with that. I also used garlic chives and cream cheese in this recipe. I made this in the one side of our omelet maker so I put the mix in first and then covered with eggs and it really puffed up!! This was delicious! Made for ZWT5 omelet challenge, Dining Daredevils.

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tomsawyer June 04, 2009

I followed your lead with the herbs & included the optional ones, resulting in an ABSOLUTELY GREAT OMELET BREAKFAST! Would definitely make this one again! Thanks for sharing it! [Tagged, made & reviewed while touring France with ZWT5]

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Sydney Mike June 03, 2009

Oh my goodness- Divine! I do have a few comments though. The taste was thru the roof- easily 10 stars, but my omelette made as directed got way more browned than I normally would like. After beating the egg whites to stiff peaks and folding in the yolk mixture I could not pour the mixture into my pan but rather spread it in. I used 1 tbsp of butter as I didn't see it in the directions and I thought that was a pretty standard amount. I used medium low-medium heat and had to cover the pan as the bottom was cooking so fast and the top not yet done. I couldn't spread the mascarpone mixture because the top was so delicate but rather plopped it on in small spoonfuls. I too added a bit more cheddar and have to say that despite what I feel was overcooked probably one of the best tasting omelettes I have ever eaten. I will perfect this technique for my needs and make again very soon. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT5 Omelette Challenge. eta: I made this again and while it still was very brown, the flavor was as spectacular as the first time I made it! I forgot to mention in original post that I did in fact use all optional ingredients even though I went very light on the sage. I added a star as I craved this omelette for 2 days after originally trying it. So delicious!

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Brenda. June 02, 2009

Loved it!! I skipped the Rosemary as I am not a huge fan but put a pinch of the sage and all the rest of the ingredients. Made a very tasty breakfast! Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT5 for Ali Baba Babes.

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jkoch960 June 01, 2009

super recipe. Yes it browns on the bottom (i think the other reviewer had the best idea, cover the pan so the top sets more quickly) but the lightness and taste is delightful. I used a gruyere cheese and parmesan, worked out beautifully

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MarraMamba May 31, 2009
Puffed Cheese Omelet