Puff Pastry Toasted Sandwiches in Your Sandwich Maker!

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

My Zaar friend Kooka suggested making a toasted sandwich without the toast ! I got curious, played around with her idea and et Voila! she told me to post the recipe. Ok, healthy.. not really... yummy... sure is! Puff pastry here in the Netherlands is a pest to use in regular large pies becuase it comes in a box of 10 small individual squares. think jig-saw pieces then you want to make a large pie, and it usually takes me less time to make and roll my own... but my small ready made squares are PERFECT for this recipe.. if you are lucky enough to be able to buy ready made puff pastry in one big piece you will need to cut it up to fit. COMFORT FOOD... the fillings are as endless as peoples' personal taste.. but things that cook quick, yes? I used three Knackworstjes but the Zaar database doesn't recognise those so Smokies (mini knackworstjes) are the closest description I can get. In Honour of Kooka's idea I dedicate this to ZWT REGION: Australia.

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  1. Melt the butter and spread on the toasted sandwich maker inside top and bottom cooking plates.
  2. Cut thawed pastry to the same size that the bread would usually be and place one piece on the bottom of the sandwich maker top with grated cheese and extra fillings of your choice. Top with another piece of pastry.
  3. Repeat with the other side of the toasted sandwich maker to fill up the other side.
  4. Close the sandwich maker to seal the pastry together and enclose the filling.
  5. Cook until pastry is golden brown and cooked (about 10 minutes).
  6. Trim off any uncooked pastry (I had a little bit but it was only a thin sliver).


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I have used puff pastry for years in my sandwich maker. No need to even cut the pastry, just lay half over both sides of the sandwich maker, put in filling, and fold over other half of pastry. It will seal when you close the lid, but I do open the catch on the lid part way through to allow the pastry to puff up properly. (Chopped ham, grated cheese and pineapple pieces are good!)

merryljo July 21, 2016

Brilliant idea! I used 1 sheet of puff pastry cut into 4, which fit perfectly, smeared the inside of the electric toastie maker with olive oil instead of butter, and put in some freshly grated raw pumpkin and grated tasty cheese, (I'd mixed in salt, pepper, and garam masala for flavour) and left for about 9 mins. Perfect! I'll be doing this again and again with different grated vegies to try and up my vegie intake.

gillegan January 12, 2013

Oh Oh found a great easy recipe for my lunches, or suppers. I had some thick fried potato slices and green onion and feta garlic herb cheese, thats what I placed into this sandwich. I was watching the time, as I borrowed snackster machine from my moms trailering equipment and had never used one before. I looked at the 8 minute mark and some butter was still oozing around edges, and at the 10 minutes they were perfect....Great with salad for lunch, or cool for lunches.. you must if you have this machine give these a try.

andypandy May 29, 2007

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