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Wow, this was gooood!!! But I had a problem here, of my own making. This meant I could either go with no stars, or 5 stars!! The story is: I had eaten a classic Quiche Lorraine in the restaurant La Table Lorraine in the city of Nancy, France, in the province of Lorraine! (I thought that was quite an achievement!) It was so fabulous that ever since that was my standard!! VERY unfair, as there are hundreds of variations!! This one was stunning. The only "fault" was mine. I forgot to buy cream, so I used a carton (1 cup) of thick, firm creme fraiche plus 1 cup of fullcream milk. I decided that might just add up to 2 cups whipping cream. Otherwise, I did not change a single thing -- I love puff pastry anyway. The quiche was gorgeous. I do feel my subbing of the cream might have made a difference, but this recipe works so well, it's really great!! I used perhaps more nutmeg and black pepper than specified -- at least 1/2 teaspoon each, or more. I did not add garlic, because Quiche Lorraine is quite delicate in taste. The consistency was like a custard almost threatening to fall apart -- perfect, light, rich. So? How can I give Kittencal, one of the best cooks on Zaar, less than 5 stars for this one?? (I fear tomorrow .... there will be quite a lot left over and I am known for eating cold leftovers for breakfast, and this is fattening ...!!) Sorry, no picture this time, as a storm is approaching and it was already dark when it came out of the oven!!

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Zurie May 19, 2007

I didn't even realize that this was another Kittencal recipe until I was done! This was delicious and super easy. I made the following changes with what I had on hand: omitted garlic, saut?ed fresh spinach with the onions, used leftover ham instead of bacon, and used half and half instead of cream. I think the cream would result in a firmer quiche but I just didn't have any. It was still yummy! Thank you for another wonderful recipe!

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aznbbdoll February 28, 2013
Puff Pastry Quiche Lorraine