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i made this recipe twice before reviewing it - once with a rib eye steak and once with a 10 ounce ground sirloin patty...each time, i followed the directions exactly with one exception - during the final minute of cooking the meat, i covered the pan allowing the steam to better melt the stilton butter mixture....both results were exceptional...therefore, even if you can only afford the ground sirloin, do not miss this gourmet recipe...

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zaksdad November 22, 2010

Awesome use for my Certified Angus Beef steaks! This was fantastic. My husband does not like moldy cheese, so I invited my neighbor (who does) and his son up for dinner. He mentioned that it compared to the 'expensive' meal he had at the Market Bistro in town over the weekend. Definitely a restaurant quality meal. It will be on my 'Menus to impress' list from this point on. (I used a high quality 1" sirloin and cooked it to medium). This would also be tasty with onion straws instead of the grilled onion!

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Cook4_6 October 03, 2013

I love this. I grilled the steaks and put the blue cheese mixture and onions on top after removing the steaks from the grill.

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Cul_de_sac_Barbie March 10, 2009

DELICIOUS! This is a far cry from the TX bbq steak but made for my British neighbors and they were thrilled! Made exactly as written w/ perfect results. Served w/ potatoes and salad. Thank you, French Tart, for a fabulous recipe! Made for the Think Pink Tag Game In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, October 2008.

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Mrs.Jack October 29, 2008

This was unbelieveable! We're both expats and served this recipe to prove that British food didn't deserve the reputation that it's got. One taste of this and our guests had changed their opinion! I doubled the recipe for 4 people and this was such an easy recipe to prepare, and a great way to jazz up steak and chips. That butter was just out of this world. I had to substitute a local blue for Stilton, since Stilton is very expensive here, but apart from that I made no changes. FT, thank you for helping me to prove that British food is among the best in the world - and for proving that most of the time the simplest ingredients make the best food!

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Helen Hes July 30, 2008

I was really looking forward to making this recipe, but I must have done something wrong. I just didn't think it was as outstanding as I'd hoped.

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HeatherN February 11, 2008

I made this tonight for myself and my very picky husband (using pork steaks instead of beef because he is allergic) and it was a big hit.

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Anubis the Embalmer November 19, 2007

French Tart you've done it again!!! Yet another extra yummo recipe from you - and thank you very much. My husband raved about it. I made the steak & topping exactly as per the recipe.I also made the recommended horseradish potatoes (which I'll review separately). And I made onion jam from your recipe (which has been a staple for a long time now). As we Aussies say when we give high praise ... ONYA!!!!

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Heatherbelle2 October 02, 2007

My 5 stars, not easily handed out, are for the following characteristics of this recipe: most of it can be prepared ahead and warmed up with no loss of quality! In my home that is important! I made the onion (huge!!) as said: slightly scorched, then slowly sauteed. I made the blue cheese topping with the walnuts. (Only regret: Stilton would not be found anywhere near me ... I used a Danish blue). I had a hugely expensive 600 g piece of beef fillet (tenderloin) which I divided into 4, and pressed black pepper into each side. I sliced potatoes into narrow wedges, threw them into an oven (baking) bag with some shallots and oil, and let them get on with it. (The roasting bag is to save me cleaning spattering oil off the oven). I could then watch a certain TV program in peace. Afterwards I took out the potato wedges and decanted them into a dish to keep warm, and all I had to do then was saute the thick fillets. It's so cold here that I warmed the cheese-walnut topping in the warming oven so I could spread them on the pieces of meat, I added the onions to finish off, and ... great!! I put out the sea salt flakes, which was only necessary for the potatoes. And I did make a mixed salad otherwise DH would have believed he'd expire from scurvy. French Tart, a great meal, thanks!!!

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Zurie August 15, 2007

I used rosemary crusted cheese. Crushed tri colored peppercorns with a clove of garlic in a mortar and pestle then rubbed it into the steaks and let marinate for 1 hour. Used red Onions and served with Horseradish Crusted Roasted Potatoes. I`m the only one that had the cheese and I so loved it! And my guys didn`t have cheese they loved it just the same. But damn they don`t know what they are missing. I did freeze the rest of the cheese and hope that is not a problem. I`ll find out soon enough. Thanks to you Sassy French Tart Shef. LOL!

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Rita~ June 04, 2007
Pub Style Peppered Stilton Steaks With Charred Onions and Chips