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This is really good. I adjusted the serving size to 10, and based on this, I used 2/3 of a "cup" of beer as it wasn't really clear if it was cup/bottle or can, anymore than that & I think it would be too runny. I drained the bacon grease from the fry pan before mixing. When all the ingredients started to blend I was scared the is wasn't going to taste any good...the mustard smell is quite strong..I let this cool for a bit and then topped with the bacon. Fear not my friends, once this all comes together... you'll be pleasantly surprised. I did a taste test with a cracker, as I didn't have pretzels on hand. (will pick those up on the way to the game) All I can say is " I can't wait to try this with a pretzel". This is being made for Ladies euchre night, and the "theme" is Pub Food. Mmm... we have a keeper here!

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jaldredey April 14, 2010
Pub Dip