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Bubbles and gold flakes floating around in a flute, what could be more elegant than that? We omitted the vodka since there was only the two of us to share the bottle. Lovely cinnamon heat to it! And no, it does not get any better than this.

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rosslare April 05, 2010

Delicious! Perfect for New Year's! <br/><br/>We made this two ways (with and without the vodka) and were divided in opinion about the results. I was pro-vodka. DH preferred the vodka-less version. Either way, though, this is a great cocktail. Thanks for posting!<br/><br/>UPDATE: This is now our go-to Sunday morning brunch cocktail. It's perfect because all the ingredients are shelf stable, so there's no last-minute rushing to the store to get orange juice for mimosas. Thank you again for posting.

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juniperwoman April 21, 2013
Prosecco Gold Rush