Priscilla's Grilled Chicken Skewers

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 10 mins

It's a blend of Thai flavor and my own concoction - i just basically looked for whatever we had in the kitchen and dumped some in to my knowledge of how much would taste good, like no more than 1/4 cup of vinegar (yechhh)but it was darned good! i didn't exactly do a recipe of it, just dumped everything in so it might be inaccurate. when i get some reviews i might change it :) it's actually quite easy - and my mom said it tasted awesome lol (ps its my first meat recipe i've ever done lol) PS U NEED SKEWERS

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  1. First, lemme say that you need skewers and a grilling machine. If you haven't got those you might need to bake it, but i have no guarentees how it will come out! Ok. You need to soak maybe six to eight skewers for like 20 minutes.
  2. you get the chicken thighs (its better to cut them when theyre a little frozen my mom said) and you take off the skin, and cut the meat off the bone. cut them into bite sized pieces, about the size of an eraser.
  3. Mix all of those stuff up. yep, everything. but make sure first that the garlic is chopped up real nice and not like a chunk. Do not think that hoisin sauce is some random un necessary sauce and skip out on it. If you dont have that, use oyster sauce.(I know, I'm asian).
  4. Marinate for 30 minutes to one hour. You can even stick it in the fridge and put it overnight, it'll taste even better.
  5. Skewer the chicken onto the sticks evenly, so it's for sure to be cooked.
  6. grill for 5 minutes on each side. :) all done! it'll taste good with rice i think, and some veggies (for all you veggie haters out there).
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This is tasty. Made using chili pepper and was still a little sweet for our taste. It grills up nicely and has good flavor. May be cut the brown sugar in half. Thanks for the post.

Debbwl August 01, 2009

This grilled chicken has a tinge of sweetness to it and the hoisin gives this tasty skewer recipe a nice color and a wonderful taste hence it's indeed important that one shouldn't opt out on it. The boneless thighs give it a more flavorful taste probably coz it has a little bit of fat in it but I wouldn't mind using this with breast too since the skin is removed anyway. I used sweet chili sauce instead of the powder. Had extra sauce (separated the extra before marinating it with the chicken) which I would happily use again for another batch. Thanks, Priscilla! We more than love it! :)

Pneuma May 10, 2008