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My first try making this cake I ended up with more of a dense pound cake, but my second effort was wonderful! I learned it is extrememly important to beat the batter the full two minutes (or more) after the addition of the sugar. The cake turned out light and fluffy, and was perfect with the strawberries and cream. I made this for my two year old daughter's birthday-she was thrilled! I garnished the perimeter with halved strawberries, and I must say, this cake is very worthy of my crystal pedestal. Thanks for suggesting this cake, Molly!

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Kaarin February 14, 2005

wow, memories. I made this for my Mother's birthday cake when I was 13 or 14. One of my first cakes, and my very first sponge cake. I ended up making this with 3 layers back then somehow and it was a very tall HEAVY cake. I recommend 2. It was a very easy cake to make and work with and the filling is wonderful and light.

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Nikoma May 14, 2010

Delicious! I followed the instructions precisely and it came out perfect - a big hit at a family party. The only change i might make next time would be to use castor/superfine sugar in the whipping cream so that it dissolves more completely. Definitely a keeper!

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LovesSweets May 24, 2009

A lovely classic strawberry sponge. My children's favourite - so easy to make, provided you have a mixer! I only use two layers, otherwise the cake is so high it's impossible to eat! Thanks for a favourite recipe.

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Sherrie-pie June 05, 2008

Very beautiful and very tasty! My DH wanted a strawberry and white cake for his birthday and this was just perfect---looked very impressive and wasn't hard at all. I think I would not coat the bottom of pan with sugar next time as it made the cake hard to get out of the pan. Delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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MrsSnax October 13, 2004

I am only giving this 4 stars because I did not think that the cake itself was as tasty as I expected it to be and I found it a little heavy and dry. This could be my cooking skills I don't know. I am an amateur chef. I picked this recipe because of the whipped cream and the strawberries both of which I love and that part was great! I agree with the other reviewer - there is lots of whipped cream and strawberries to go around. I only ended up using 2 pints of strawberries and I still managed to cover the top of the cake and have a "ring" around the side. Slicing the layers was hard for me too as they ended up uneven. I actually found that this cake tasted better the next day than the evening we ate it initially probably because it had "moistened" up a bit due to the whipped cream. I would try it again.

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kpfen June 06, 2004

This is a very pretty and tasty cake! I am no Betty Crocker, but I was very pleased and proud of the results. The hardest part for me was slicing the layers. Next time, I will liberally apply the whipping cream in the layers. I was afraid I would use too much and not have enough to cover it, but I had more than enough! It worked great to bake the cake the night before, then make the whipping cream and prepare the strawberries and put it all together right before serving. I am looking forward to making this delicious cake again!

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Pamela in Florida May 26, 2004
Princess Diana's Birthday Cake