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Evidently I made an error...i mixed all ingredients together along with a Tblspn of garlic powder and left out the sour cream. I used coarse dijon. I then spread the mixture on the top and sides of the roast and added a few pinches of rosemary about as well as whole peppercorns and roasted per the directions. The flavors in the beef tasted awesome. I served with sauce made from 1 cup sour cream and two tablespoons horseradish. Utopia.

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askkurt July 05, 2015

I'm rating the cooking method here and not the sauce as I did not make it. I had about a 4 lb roast and coated it with the kosher salt, cracked black pepper and some rosemary because I like it. Because mine was smaller I did 500° for 30 minutes, 325° for 30 and 450° for 15 minutes. The meat was medium rare, beautiful and as smooth as butter. The flavor was awesome and the outer crust was nice. I then deglazed the pan with some beef consomme and a bit of the red wine we had with our dinner. After straining it I served it with the meat. Even I who love horseradish didn't need anything else to interfere with the flavor the meat it was so good. I took the bones and made a stock. I then added the au jus and tomorrow I'll add carrots and wild rice for what looks to be an awesome soup with the leftovers. Thanks for the recipe - this is now my permanent prime rib recipe.

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Mysterygirl December 19, 2010

This recipe produces a perfectly roasted prime. It was tender, juice and just incredible. Of course, every good prime needs horseradish sauce, and this one is a keeper, too.

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Ms B. February 21, 2006

In a word: SUPERB! With a crowd coming, I had a huge roast (8-rib, 12+ lbs.)and absolutely no clue how that would affect the timing. After much debate, we increased the searing time by 10 minutes and the second stage by 5 min. When I tried to reset the oven temp for the last stage, the stove died. After kicking it and cursing for over an hour, we finally fired up the grill to finish cooking. Despite all this, we ended up with restaurant- quality meat, au jus TDF and the best horseradish sauce ever. Our guests were just blown away. A million thanks, Mean Chef, wherever you are!!

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highcotton December 26, 2005

The roast was perfectly cooked this way. The reason for my 4 star review is that the sauce was not up to par (according to its name). Prepared as the recipe was written, it had an overwhelming mustard taste which masked the flavor of the horseradish. It needed another couple of tablespoons of horseradish to come up to the layering of flavors I felt the sauce required. Thanks for the ideal prime rib method of cooking.

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CobraLimes January 03, 2005
Prime Rib Roast With Mustard Horseradish Sauce