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This was the first time I had made prime rib at home so I was a little nervous about any recipe. This was simple, with very few ingredients, and that is why I chose it. I didn't want something loaded down with seasoning to overpower the flavor of the roast. This fit the bill perfectly. This was simply wonderful! The meat was so flavorful, and it cut so tender, and melted in your mouth. We love horseradish too, so I also made the sauce, which was just as wonderful as the roast. This is definately a keeper Miss Annie! Already planning on making it again for New Years!

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bratty November 29, 2002

Ths is a FINE method for cooking prime rib. Have used the same method for 20 years +, however, I cook a TOTAL of 18 min. per pound for rare to med.rare, including the searing at 450-475 degrees. I also place slivered fresh garlic into 16 or more slits in the roast, after rubbing w/salt and pepper. Sometimes I press flour into the top side to give extra boost to the crunchiness of the crust. As others have said, NEVER buy less than 3 ribs, even if cooking for 2. It makes great leftovers. To be a nut about it, I use a calculator to multiply the lbs and tenths of pounds by 18, then divide by 60 to get the total cooking time in hr(s) and minutes by decimal point. I then subtract 30 min from this total and that is the remaining time at 300 degrees. Additional resting time of 15-20 minutes is cruital. This is NEVER fail and so simple. Thank you Miss Annie for posting. Really keeps me from having to run to my very old edition of the New York Times Sunday cookbook.

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SmallTownGirl March 27, 2010

This was a part of our family Christmas Eve dinner and it was excellent! As my husband was carving, he said "this is done perfectly"! A great method to cook prime rib. Thanks for the recipe!

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Marie December 27, 2002

Melt in your mouth delicious. First time for me to make prime rib, too, but it came out perfect. DH says it's better than he gets @ our favorite steakhouse & I take that as a real compliment. Sauce was good, too, but you can also just serve with plain horseradish. I rubbed the meat with pre-minced garlic & plenty of it. Tender & tasty, but don't overcook.

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Maqua December 26, 2002

I made this recipe for our Christmas dinner. Wow! It was delicious. I just added some herbes de Provence when I rubbed the garlic, salt and pepper on the roast. The whole house smelled wonderful while it was cooking. I let it rest, covered with foil, about 15 minutes while I de-glazed the roasting pan with a little red wine, and made a nice brown gravy from the drippings. Some of the drippings were also used to make Yorkshire pudding. We decided we didn't need the sauce this time, so I didn't try that. I'll definitely be making this again and want to try the sauce, too.

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PanNan December 26, 2002

This is for the roasting method only, since the sauce wasn't made. My dad called yesterday asking me how to roast a 4 bone prime rib, and I had no idea. Looked for the highest rated recipe and voila! Dad told me this was wonderful, and his roasting skills are still king, so big thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Queen Roachie May 14, 2010

Great recipe for the Horseradish! I followed the cooking instructions, but my wife likes things done, so had to put it back in the oven for about 30 minutes more than suggested. I also have done it with salt, pepper and flour, and the flavor can't be beat!

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RAVICKERY April 06, 2010

Thanks for a simple and tasty way to enjoy prime rib. Our roast was cooked to perfection and we will be using your method from now on. Again many thanks.

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Debi and Johnny January 07, 2010

Excellent preparation direction. Nice and easy. The sauce was great. However, the time was a little long and my roast was a little over done. Next time I will reduce the time. Thank you.

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Nado2003 December 25, 2009

Went all out and bought the entire rib...15 pounds, and it turned out perfectly! Cooked it in a roaster oven with truffle oil and the butcher's special rub with the one inch slits with sliced garlic tucked inside. Used your temperatures and cooked it 18 minutes per pound as another review suggested for a rare roast. Also kept close tabs on the internal temp, and when it reached 120 degrees I turned off the roaster and let it sit for 30 minutes. Perfect....and I was very nervous about this giant roast.....Thanks so much for sharing!

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hannahamil December 25, 2010
Prime Rib Roast