Primanti Bros. Style Sandwich

READY IN: 18mins
Recipe by Kitchen Wytch

My tasty take on a Pittsburgh Original. I live just north of Pittsburgh, and not far form a Primanti's. We go there quite often, but when I want to save money or am really craving a sandwich, I just make one. Or course it's not as god as the original, but pretty darn close! For the recipe I put corned beef as my meat, but you an use any meat you prefer. Primanti's offers up Pastrami, Ham, Cappicola, steak, fried egg, turkey, and much more on thier sandwiches. This recipe is for two sandwiches.

Top Review by D.Simpson

Great recipe..... only one problem. It's not a Primanti without an egg! This sandwich is a meal, great for Sunday football.

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  1. Make the cole slaw by mixing the cole slaw, vegetable oil, sugar, onion powder, salt, and pepper together in a bowl.
  2. cook your fries. I use the ore-ide oven chips, those can be cooked like normal in the oven, or microwaved. To get the true primanti's fry texture I microwave these oven chips for about three minutes. It works best with these because they are pre-cooked, and tase well when microwaved.
  3. assemble your sandwich by putting the meat on the bottom piece of bread.
  4. put the cheese on the meat.
  5. put the french fries on.
  6. put as much cole slaw as you like on.
  7. place two slices of tomato on top
  8. place your top piece of bread on.
  9. cut in the middle, and viola.a Primanti!

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