Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is fun for kids! From The Secret Life of Food by Clare Crespo. The recipe is for one, make as many as you like!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 caramel squares
  • 2 curly pretzels
  • 2 straight pretzels


  1. Press two curly pretzels into the sides of a caramel square for wings.
  2. Position two straight pretzels at the top to serve as antennas.


Most Helpful

What a wonderful idea! This striked another idea to me while reading this recipe. What I did is to chop a 2 finger Kit-Kat bar into about 8 equal sized pieces and top each piece with a semi-sweet chocolate piece. Then, I stuck two small toothpicks into the sides of each Kit-kat piece. It looked very cute and I called these little darlings as 'Chocolate Hat Butterflies'! If I could get pretzels and caramels easily here, I would love to try this recipe as given, but unfortunately, as both these things are really difficult to get here, I had to change the ingredients, but used the same idea. Worked well, I can tell, because there was a competition at my house today as to see which kid could eat the maximum butterflies! They had a ball!! LOL. I had to keep making more, you know, because they were soooooooooooo quick at eating them! Thank you for this fun recipe!

Charishma_Ramchandani October 30, 2003

I made a couple of these today for my 2 year old and he thought it was so fun to eat a butterfuly! The caramel was tough to work with and the pretzels kept breaking when I'd attempt to stick them in the caramel, but they were yummy and fun! I didn't have any stick pretzels, so I just used broken twists.

Dine & Dish September 13, 2004

I made these today for my preschool class and they were a hit! Everyone loved them. I used 1 caramel square and two mini pretzel twists and one pretzel stick split in half. The caramel was a little tough to work with, but other than that, these were a breeze. Thank you so much!

The Giggle Box March 08, 2004

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