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I didn't realize that unsweetened peanut butter was called for in these cookies until I was actually weighing the Skippy. So, that may have been one reason for my troubles. I cut back the sugar to 200 g because of this. I followed the recipe otherwise, but got an extremely sticky dough. I smoothed both flavor doughs onto baking paper with a spatula, covered them with another sheet of paper, rolled each up and froze them. I later unrolled the frozen dough, placed the chocolate on top, and managed to roll them up. I sliced and baked the cookies, but they started to brown without becoming very firm. I do not know if this is the way they should be, or not, but, to me, they seemed mushy. Also, dough with the added chocolate does not taste very chocolatey, since the milk chocolate is added to the peanut butter dough. Oh, and the pattern I got could hardly be called a pretty pinwheel. I somehow don't think these cookies are for me. I hope others will have more success.

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mianbao November 05, 2011
Pretty Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pinwheels