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Maybe I'm completely dense about cupcakes but I think these were the quickest I've ever come across. I had to make a few changes, like I couldn't find lavender anywhere, so I just added vanilla essence, and I wanted a thicker icing so I made a butter icing instead, but the cupcakes themselves were done so quickly I double checked the recipe again to make sure I'd not left anything out. My husband really liked them, as he felt they were a bit more dense than normal cupcakes, giving them more body. I think my favorite thing about these (apart from how quick they are) is that they are very adaptable, and I look forward to trying them with different essences and decorations, and once lavender season is back, I shall try them that way too!

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Luschka June 03, 2009

Oh these are delicious! I realized i didn't have time to make the vanilla/lavender sugar so used 2 drops of lavender essence. very easy to make, and the icing was done with my splenda glaze.

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MarraMamba December 22, 2007
Pretty Little Lavender Fairy Cakes - Cupcakes