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I made this cake for my dad's birthday a few weeks ago. He loves chess and checkers and the like, so I wanted to make a checkerboard cake, but most of my family members do not like chocolate, so I couldn't make the traditional chocolate flavored cake. I usually stay away from boxed cake recipes, but I was really crunched for time (I work waaaay too much.XD), so I made this one. It didn't say when to add the milk, so I just added it to the cake with all the other ingredients, and it turned out well. The cream cheese made it really moist, and the batter is really thick (which made it easier to keep the colors separated once my checkerboard divider was removed). I had a hard time getting this batter to be enough for three layers, though. I think making one and a half this recipe would be way too much, though. I might also add a little bit more of the gelatin, because I felt like there wasn't too much strawberry flavor. Either way, this cake was quite good (I used buttercream icing) and really, very simple to make. Thank you very much for posting this!

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Schnookie Wookums February 04, 2008
Pretty Checkerboard Cake