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This is so simple, even I can make it. In fact, I'm making it right now ... am just waiting for the steam to naturally release, then chow time! I do have a question. It says to rub spices on the pork, and then the next step says to cover it in water. What good is rubbing the spices onto the meat when you immediately cover it in water? The spices wash right off so you might as well just stir the spices directly into the water and save yourself the time and mess of rubbing. What I did was to only cover half of the meat with water, and then sprinkle the spices on the dry parts. As the steam penetrates the meat under pressure, I'm hoping that it'll also take some of the flavors with it. Also, as the steam wets the dry parts of the meat, I'm hoping that the moisture will wet the spices, creating a marinade that will baste the meat as it cooks.

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Ryan B. December 24, 2014
Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork (Pork Butt)