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I wasn't sure how this would work in the pressure cooker, but I was so pleased with the results. The sauce worked out perfectly, and was my favorite part of the dish. The cream did thicken it nicely in the end. Although I liked the result of the smaller meatballs, I have to admit it was a pain to make so many tiny ones and try to transfer them carefully into the sauce. It seemed at first that they were going to stick together in the broth in one big clump, but after I released the lid, they were perfectly separate after all. I liked the fact they didn't have to be browned first. I will try this again with different seasonings. Although we liked the thyme and oregano, it didn't seem typical for Swedish meatballs. We missed the nutmeg or allspice flavor. This is a recipe that is well worth making again, with slight modifications only to suit our individual tastes. Thanks for sharing, Mrs. G.

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PanNan June 24, 2007
Pressure Cooker Meatballs