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Wonderful recipe! I would suggest making one change though: once the cooker is up to pressure, turn the heat down to LOW. After I made this the first time, leaving the heat up on med-high after the cooker was up to pressure, the stock itself was good but the chicken came out very dry, tough, and tasteless. After reading multiple articles about simmering instead of boiling (http://www.ihowd.com/how-to-boil-chicken , http://www.bonelesschickenrecipe.com/Chicken-Articles/how-to-boil-chicken.php ) I made it a second time but after the cooker came up to pressure I turned the heat down to low and it came out perfect!

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SYNXFAN November 19, 2010

Love the thick, hearty stock! I needed a lot of cooked chicken for Mexican recipes for ZWT, and also needed a good-quality chicken stock. This recipe needs an 8-quart pressure cooker; I had a 6-quart electric pressure cooker, and I crossed my fingers that all would work (it did), but I had to leave out one bunch of endive. When I first tasted the chicken the thyme was too prominent for general purpose. After defatting, I ended up with 6 1/2 cups of thick chicken stock. Once I made Mexican Chicken Rice Soup (Caldo Cantina) #368979, the stock and the chicken seemed perfectly flavored. Next time I will cut down the thyme and add some cremini mushrooms.

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KateL August 08, 2012

Great staple recipe. I made chicken and dumplings the with it the first night. Froze 6 more portions for future meals. Just thawed some, and baked it with potatoes, for a great, fast meal. Only change I made was that I did not use endive. None to be found here in rural southern Iowa. I did throw in some kohlrabi that I had from the garden. I plan to make more, and can it, for my college age son with limited freezer space. Thank you for a great staple to my families winter meals.

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Jenk September 21, 2008
Pressure Cooker Chicken Fillets, Basis for Savory Pies Etc