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Excellent chocolate cake indeed......will be staying in my files. Thanks to contributor.

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waynejohn1234 October 23, 2012

I used a deep round silicone cake pan and it worked beautifully. Excellent birthday cake!

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Missy Wombat March 17, 2006

I made this cake in a deep 9inch square baking dish. It took a while longer to bake up, and then the center never really did get completely baked. However, besides my screw up by using this baking dish, this cake is a great lil cake. Great flavor, nice and dense. I will use this recipe again and again for a standard chocolate cake. Thanks so much for posting!

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**Jules** March 10, 2006

I made this as a birthday cake for my stepson's 7th birthday, and I'm glad I did. It was a hit with him, but he's happy with anything as long as I smother it in chocolate frosting. More importantly, everyone else in my family loved it as well. My own daughters have inherited their mother's sweet tooth (and affinity for chocolate), but Sushiman and his kids prefer the savory stuff, so if this went over big time, you can just imagine how good it was. I used an 8X8 square pan lined with parchment paper. Thanks so much for posting, this is going to become our de rigueur chocolate birthday cake.

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Mirj November 03, 2005

I intended this to be a thank you cake for one of my collegues, but unfortunately it didn't turn out well enough to give away. The flavour of the cake is great, really moist and fluffy and not too sweet. However, there is far too much batter for a loaf pan, and fortunately I placed it on a baking sheet, otherwise I would have had a right mess to clean in the oven. It also took over an hour to be done. I think it was due to the pan being too small and loads of the batter spilling out that the middle of the cake collapsed rather than rose. I will try making this again, dividing the dough, making one loaf and a couple of muffins or maybe try a bundt pan, because as I said the flavour and texture of the cake is really good! I will update the review then! ;)

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-Sylvie- April 19, 2005
President Roosevelt's Birthday Cake