Preserved Lemons Middle Eastern Style

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Aunty Dotty

This is Stephanie Alexander's recipe and it's one of the simplest I've seen. I have 2 jars on top of my fridge and they look great as well as adding an incredible depth of citrus flavour to foods. Let the lemons mature for at least 4 weeks before using, and the final result keeps a whole year without refrigerating, so get your old empty jars out!

Top Review by ImPat

I bottled up 5 lemons yesterday into a small jar and at this stage giving 5 stars as it has been one the easiest recipes I have used for preferving lemons and will be doing it with limes as well as soon as they ripen enough to do so. Thank you Aunty Dotty, made for PAC Spring 2012. UPDATE - I have since tried this in a couple of recipes which I have cooked before (though not from this siste) and I have to say this adds a different flavour to them which is very pleasant which I think you can put down to the wholes clove, bay leaves and connamon stick which are not in other recipes, definately worth while giving a go.

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  1. Scatter a spoonful of salt into a 1 litre sterilised jar.
  2. Tip lemons into a wide tub with the rest of the salt and and mix and massage vigorously.
  3. Pack the lemons into the jar, cut side to the middle, inserting pieces of bay leaf, cloves and bits of the cinnamon every so often.
  4. Tip all the salt left in tub over lemons and press down as hard as you can to squeeze the juice out of the quarters.
  5. Cover with extra juice if you need to ( any exposed lemon may develop a harmless white mould. It's safe but just doesn't look pretty.).
  6. Wipe the neck of the jar with a clean cloth dipped in boiling water and cap tightly. You're done!

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