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I've been making preserved lemons for years like a purist salt and lemon juice and nothing else - and the lemons joined at the base. Then I saw this recipe with the name that introduced me to French style strawberry conserve so I decided to give it a whirl. What joy, how delicious, almost good enough to eat with a spoon. I'll never do them plain again. The only think I did different was to cut the lemons into quarters, not as pretty but I'm not giving them away either and I can get more into the jar. Another brilliant effort Karen. Thanks and regards, John

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The Dabblers March 08, 2010

I'm not rating because I must have done something wrong -- the lemons at the top of the jar (poking out just slightly above the liquid) started to mold. I'm going to try again making sure that I completely cover the lemons. (It did smell delicious! I was sad to pour out the first batch.)

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8elbows March 26, 2009

These were great! I made a batch quite a long time ago, but hadn't gotten around to using them (hubby is vegan and I wasn't sure what to use them on). But, I added some to Couscous with plums (132256), and it was great! Thanks for posting!

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Busy Student June 17, 2012

So far, excllent! I have always used Paula Wolfert's recipe for preserved lemons--the technique is the same, but the use of the cloves and bay and coriander is new. I have gotten to Step 8--my jar is setting on a shelf in the darkest part of the cool cellar. I'll report back anon...Six months later, I'm finally reporting back. These are great preserved lemons. I just used them in English Rose's Quick Chickpea Tagine--a great tagine, only made better with these.

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Chef Kate December 18, 2007

Very nice! I started these last week and they are coming along great. Very pretty! There are so many nice recipes to use these in I cant decide which ones to make first! Thanks for posting! ZWT3

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Thymestudio June 13, 2007
Preserved Fresh Lemons