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Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really great!!! I'm not pregnant and the chicken wasn't either :) , but if you're craving a Hawaiian/Polynesian-type chicken, this recipe is for you!! This is a baked and easier version of a Sam Choy recipe that I have from his 'Island Flavors' cookbook. I threw some green onions on top to balance the sweetness of the honey in the sauce. I also cut the sauce in half for the 6 chicken thighs and it was still way plenty. I used the sauce to drizzle over my California veggies and it was sooooo good!!! If you have ever been to an Ono Hawaiian restaurant, the chicken turns out like their chicken with a little sweeter edge to it. Love Love Love this recipe, thanks so much for posting!!!!!

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Chef*Lee May 03, 2009

So Tasty! I made this recipe the other day and it was so good! It reminds me of those chicken skewers you get at Chinese resturants.My kids loved it and have asked me to make it again. I used skinless chicken thighs and added pepper and thyme to season it. This one is a keeper! Thanks for the recipe! YUM!

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petenjess3 March 18, 2009
Pregnant Honey Ginger Chicken