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These are very good, and a real nuisance to make. But then, all croquettes are, and if you don't want to take the trouble, you should make something else. So, the missing star is not because of the difficulty making these. I actually made these croquettes twice, in order to find out if the problem I ran into (insides leaking) was caused by me, or the recipe. The second time, I added 1 tablespoon flour to the amount called for, mixing it into the shrimp, which I cooked at home. The mixture was much firmer and easier to handle the second time. I think I was lazy letting it cool the first time, and water condensed in the fridge, making it too loose. Although it was much better the second time, there was still a small amount of leakage. I think this could be easily solved by adding an egg yolk to the shrimp/white sauce mixture, and then cooling, breading and frying it. A number of croquette recipes I have looked at since, do use an egg yolk or a whole egg in the filling. I made my croquettes larger than the recipe poster, so got fewer. Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. I will be making it again, with the addition mentioned. I cooked the shrimp in olive oil and butter with 1 clove of garlic and about 2 tablespoons parsley, then shredded it. I think this worked fairly well.

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mianbao January 04, 2014
Prawn Croquettes (Kroket)