Prawn Cocktail Sauce

READY IN: 2mins
Recipe by ImPat

This recipe was given to me by mother-in-law 28 years ago and she's been using it for over 40 years, she got it out of the newspaper where someone had written in and requested the recipe when they had it at a Sydney restaurant. It keeps well in the fridge and the flavour will increase with time. Have not included chilling time. Handy hint - when we have family gatherings we double the mix but don't put in the tabasco sauce and then split the mix between 3 jars and in the first jar put 3/4 teaspoon, the second jar 1 1/4 teaspoon and the third 2 teaspoons so you have a mild version, a hot and super hot and if there is someone who would like it hotter still give them a small bowl and a bottle of tabasco and they can add more to their serve.

Top Review by SarahBelle

WOW! I needed something to go with shrimp and I had no horseradish...SO I turned to this. Glad I did! YUM. I added garlic and some seasoning salt. SO GOOD.


  1. Put all ingredients into a clean screw top jar (cream last), shake well to mix, refrigerate and use as required.
  2. Spoon over cooked prawns or seafood mix (prawns, crab meat, oysters etc).

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