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THANK YOU, before I say anything else, for this recipe. It was beautifully tender and I really appreciate one thing more than anything about this cake- the fact that it is much lower in calories than the cakes I have baked earlier. I have a STRONG feeling that this one's going to become one of the "very special and wanted to be had more often" cakes at my home. Today being the Indian festival of Raksha-Bandhan(the festival of the immortal love of brothers' and sisters' for each other), I wanted to bake something really good for my brother, and ofcourse, family and friends, and I am SO GLAD I decided on making this. I used low-cal plain yogurt instead of sour cream, cornflour instead of cornstarch, vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract, almonds instead of pecans and 3/4 cup of cornflake crumbs instead of Graham cracker crumbs. This cake has come out so soft that my brother teasingly has described it as, "Its soft as the bum of a new-born baby", I guess that says how light as a feather and soft as cotton this cake is! Thank U very much indeed for this outstanding recipe. Definitely a KEEPER! I'm sure its going to be gone in 60 SECONDS!

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Charishma_Ramchandani August 23, 2002

Still smacking my lips! Wonderful sauce-wish there was a third more! Refreshing to see graham crackers incorporated into dry ingredients. Next time I will just crush 16 crackers and not measure the crumbs. I put the syrup on each serving and nuked for 15 seconds. Thank you yooper for posting. In case you are wondering, I measured the syrup--it was about 1 cup.

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WiGal July 12, 2013

This cake was gorgeous - really moist and light and beautiful - I made it for my mothers birthday dinner and everyone loved it, especially the sticky praline sauce on top. I stirred some raspberries through the batter, and used almonds instead of pecans, and it was really nice. Only problem was that the cake was hard to handle to remove from the pan - maybe the pan I used was too big, but being a metric girl, I always get confused with inches! :) Fantastic cake though, and really easy to make - almost like a pudding!

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Frangipani April 13, 2003

I looked at this recipe and thought ohhhhh boy calories......at least a 1000+ I thought. So looked was surprised it was in the 300's so had to make it. Yes it "was" so goooooooooood.

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jan007 September 02, 2002
Praline Ice Cream Cake