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I too discovered this recipe in the Kraft Magazine. It is Excellent, in fact, I don't think I will ever cook pot roast any other way again. I have made it several times now and only did a few minor adjustments just to make it work for me. I brown the beef chuck roast in a large frying pan in a little oil and the dressing first and then transfer it to a large dutch oven. Then I brown the onions in the same pan. I use baby carrots in place of the 1 lb. of carrots (just because prep time is zero and they are also sweeter). Other than that I follow the recipe as written. I do thicken the gravy with water and flour and it's perfect. Oh, I also add a little soy sauce to the gravy for flavor. I do that with almost all my gravies so I almost forgot to mention it. I do not use salt in any of my cooking so the soy sauce substitutes the salty taste. I wish I could locate the original recipe right now so that I could give the appropriate woman credit for sharing this great recipe with all of us. I can recall her story about her daughter's favorite birthday dinner but I cannot recall her name. She deserves mention. UPDATE: I located the original recipe and it was submitted by Grandma Mary Smith from New Richmond, Ohio. One of her grandson's says his favorite restaurant is "Mamma Mary's Kitchen". Bless his heart.

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Tweeky February 29, 2008

Lately I've been looking for simple family meals that require few ingredients - just like this one. The meat was delicious and DH especially liked the vegetables - which was surprising because he usually dislikes cooked carrots. The leftovers were great too - DD was swiping carrots before I had a chance to reheat everything. I'll have to save this recipe just to get them to eat their carrots!

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Acerast June 26, 2006

Yet another member that found it in the Kraft mag, isn't it YUMMY?! I didn't have the Catalina dressing on hand, but did have the ingredients to make it, used this recipe: Clone Kraft's Catalina Salad Dressing and it came out GREAT! My whole family loved it!

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*Petal* October 14, 2005

I got this out of the Kraft magazine too. My family really loved it. The Catalina dressing gives it a barbecue flavor. Yummmm!!!!

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looneytunesfan September 21, 2005
Prairie Land Pot Roast