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This cake is exactly like it said "lighter and slightly sweeter". My DH wanted a pound care like Sara Lees. This fit the bill. Thanks so much for the recipe. This is a keeper.

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Robin W July 02, 2003

LOVE this recipe! I wanted to make a pound cake without needing to use a ridiculous amount of ingredients like with most other pound cake recipes (budget is extra tight right now, need to cut back wherever possible) and this just might become my favorite pound cake recipe! It is significantly sweeter than a traditional pound cake, but that means it's perfect to snack on just as it is without adding anything at all to it. I made some petit fours with it and it's a bit too sweet for that, I think, once paired up with the sweetness of the frosting. But plain this is fabulous! It's nice and moist, not as dense as a typical pound cake which I happen to light a lot. I didn't have a "crust" on top like another reviewer did - I think maybe the cake was a bit over baked for that to happen. This has been added to my list of recipes I loved, and I will definitely be making it again!

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Feisty Redhead February 11, 2011

This pound cake was alright but not great. The flavor was satisfactory. The texture was lacking, I didn't like the texture of the top, it was like a crust. I followed the recipe to the letter, I won't make it again.

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Kayla in Montreal September 11, 2008

Wow! I made this tonight for a tea party that I am having tomorrow. Of course I had to test it first, just to be sure it was servable! It was awesome! I plan on serving some slices plain or with whipped cream and jam, and cut some into chunks for dipping into a mocha fondue. This cake will be perfect for both. I happened to like the sweeter taste, but it also cuts down on how much cake I eat at one time because it is so rich. I'll definitely be making this again. I'm so glad I chose to make this for my party! Thanks for posting this!

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the_cookie_lady October 20, 2006

Made a smaller serving size of 6 servings and baked for an hour and turne out well. Waaaaay too rich for my liking but everyone else who tried it absolutely loved it! perhaps less butter or replacing some of the butter with applesauce would make the cake taste less rich.

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sizzlera June 30, 2006

Yum! I loved this cake. I made it exactly as the directions said. It is a sweeter cake, which I personally like, but some might find it too sweet.

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Ladydaungerous April 07, 2005
Pound Cake