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Fine seasoning mix! I made this exactly as listed, only changing the garlic powder to 1/2 teaspoon (personal preference). This does have some zip to it (I took a big whiff of it after I made it and had a peppery sneezing fit - LOL!), but no one seasoning overpowers another. Very balanced. I used it on some bone-in chicken breast but will continue to experiment with it in stuffings, etc. Thanks, Papergoddess!

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EdsGirlAngie February 10, 2004

Very good! Our little Perdue Oven Roaster had lots of flavor with this seasoning. I did omit the cayenne pepper and substituted with paprika (same measurements). It goes along way; I have plenty more for a few more roasters! Thanks!

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TheDancingCook August 26, 2003

I don't think I've ever experienced poutry seasoning before- I actually made this for Tofu with Key West Barbecue Sauce #39339, not for use on poutry (ah, irony!) But I like it! I did knock down the quanity of salt to 1 tsp because I really wanted the flavor- I figure I can add salt to taste easily. I had some trouble grinding the thyme and bay leaf in my grinder because there wasn't enough bulk and they were just sort of spinning around... so I threw everything else in there too, which worked, but WHEW! I experienced the same "peppery sneezing fit" as EdsGirlAngie! I think that all the flavors blend nicely- nothing is too dominant. Just a rich flavor with a mild sagey flavor that does pair so well with poutry. The cayenne is a great touch. Thanks for the recipe! I'm looking forward to using the rest of my little jar. :)

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Roosie October 16, 2004
Poultry Seasoning