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momaphet recommended serving this chicken with mashed potatoes to mop up the gravy so, although I've never been a huge fan of gravy and had to hunt out a recipe, that's what I did and I really think I might now I'll be making gravy more often. ;) We greatly enjoyed this flavoursome and moist chicken with Kittencal's Creamy Chicken Gravy and my Leek, Mushroom & Thyme Mashed Potatoes. As for the chicken itself, I loved the use of herbs and did add two more: oregano and sage. A great combination which really gave the chicken a wonderful flavour. I used fresh garlic which (as I usually do!) I doubled and minced and mixed in with the herbs. I used the olive oil and in step nine went with option #1. We SO enjoyed this for dinner several nights ago and what we didn't eat then, we thoroughly enjoyed with baby spinach leaves in the most delicious chicken sandwiches. YUM! A basic recipe yes, but for Zaar chefs so spoiled for choice, it's all too easy easy to neglect the basic recipes. Thank you so much, momaphet, for sharing this delightfully yummy basic recipe! Made for PRMR.

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bluemoon downunder April 18, 2009

As you said this is a great basic recipe. I had company coming and actually roasted 2 birds since I also rely on the leftovers. The drippings made a great gravy and I plan on boiling down the carcasses and expect a flavorful stock as well. I think it took longer than expected but I had the birds side-by-side so that may have been the reason. (Chickens alway seem to take forever to roast for me!) This was the first time I really used the technique of rubbing the seasonings under the skin. I think it is worth it... especially since I would like to avoid the extra calories of the skin. I used the larger amount of spices but made it stretch for the two birds. I used option 1 of flipping the birds over. My MIL always swore by cooking the bird breast-down but then you don't get the crispy skin so I think this is a great compromise.

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Chef Tweaker January 18, 2013

I changed this up a bit...used the ingredients listed, but also added some herbes de provence mixed with butter. Spread this under the skin and tossed some sliced potatoes and garlic under the roasting rack to absorb the drippings from the chicken. This was amazing. I'll butterfly the chicken next time to cut the cooking time, and also spread the wonderful drippings all over the roasting pan and potatoes. Delicious Sunday dinner for us. Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT.

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breezermom July 29, 2012

I made this recipe and changed it only slightly to cook it in my crockpot. It was fabulous. I really loved the spice blends, making the chicken full of flavor. Your directions were perfect. I love the suggestion for gravy, although I didn't make it this time. My whole family loved this moist and flavorful roast chicken. Made for France - ZWT8 A French Love Affair Challenge. Merci!

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LifeIsGood July 26, 2012

Delicious! Delicious! The meat was so moist and packed full of yummy goodness...I used all dried spices with the exception of the garlic...I omitted the olive oil but the skin still came out nice and crispy...what a keeper...thanks for posting. :) Happy I have leftovers for up coming goodness...I decided to keep the dripping for our DOGS...they were doing the happy dance at dinner time...Thanks for posting...:)

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teresas October 02, 2011

Roast chicken always gets applause here - this version was very good and much-enjoyed.

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evelyn/athens June 21, 2011

I made this tonight using my Ronco compact rotisserie. The chicken I had weighed 4.5 pounds and only took 1 hour 20 minutes in the rotisserie. My dinner guest enjoyed the combination of herbs and spices used. Between the 6 of us, we licked the platter clean! Since I used a different method to cook the chicken, I did not have any drippings to make a gravy. Made for ZWT - Switzerland

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Charlotte J June 18, 2011

Very good and easy to make. I followed the recipe as written. We all enjoyed this.

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bmcnichol November 03, 2010

An easy five stars for this recipe..wonderfully simple and SOOOO delicious.
I used garlic powder,dried thyme and fresh rosemary and the flavours were fantastic!!
The chicken was moist and juicy, and the skin so crisp and more than a little addictive (nobody else got a look in-cooks perk I guess!!).
I served this with roasted veggies,potatoes and gravy and the entire family demolished it with gusto. I even cooked another one a few days later,which we stuffed straight from the oven into some wholemeal pitta breads with some salad leaves,tomato and mayo-heavenly!!
This is a GREAT chicken recipe-I am so glad that I found it....thanks momaphet x
Made for PRMR.

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Noo November 03, 2010

I used all fresh herbs since I was out of the dried. YUMMMMMMMYYYY. I did not make a gravy. This will be made again and again Made for PAC Fall 2009.

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wicked cook 46 September 09, 2009
Poulet Rôti (Roast Chicken)