Potted Stilton With Port and Walnuts

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

A delicious potted cheese spread with toasted walnuts and Stilton's natural drinking partner - Port! Try to use tawny or white port to keep the blue and cream colour of the Stilton cheese when potted. Here is a "potted" history of Stilton Cheese, excuse the pun, I couldn't resist it! Britain's historic blue cheese goes back to the 18th Century; travellers encountering their first taste of Stilton cheese must have spread the word of its remarkable, mouth-pleasing flavour. Today, nearly 300 years later, Stilton is still made exclusively in the English counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire from local milk. Only six dairies, using the original centuries-old recipe, are licensed to produce the creamy ivory-hued king of cheeses. So esteemed is Stilton's unique flavour and texture, it is the only British cheese graced with its own certification trademark. More than a cheese, Stilton is prized as the authentic flavour of an earlier time - a taste of history that continues to make news.


  1. To make the potted Stilton, simply mash the Stilton in a bowl, add the softened butter, the mace and port and continue to stir together well.
  2. (Traditional potted cheese recipes tend to use unclarified butter, presumably because cheese, especially when it is aided by alcohol, needs less protection from spoilage than meat.).
  3. Pack into ramekins or an attractive ceramic pot/s. Melt a little butter and pour over the top of the cheese to form a thin seal.
  4. Scatter the walnuts over the top & press them in slightly, then leave it to set.
  5. Refrigerate for up to a week. Serve after dinner with crackers or hot, toasted rye bread, with a ripe pear alongside. Alternatively, try as a sandwich filling on wholemeal bread, augmented by plenty of crisp salad leaves to cut through the richness of this delicious potted cheese!
Most Helpful

Two for two! English Rose's potted stilton and now French Tart's--this version with a touch of mace and walnuts--both terrific! I used tawny port.

Chef Kate June 05, 2007

When I say "Wow" outloud, to an empty room (the cats weren't even present) when I taste something, that something right then gets 5 stars! This is simply scrumptious. I will make it time and again and it probably will be Christmas presents this year, packed into nice ramekins. The next time I make it, it will be with the white port that I bought especially for this recipe...which seems now to be lost somewhere in my not very big house!! Sigh. THANK YOU, Karen. This is a keeper.

BarbryT May 03, 2007

Tangy, creamy, easy and delicious. Served today with crackers and wine. Definitely a keeper.

Clean Plate Club April 08, 2007