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i don't think it would be fair of me to give this a rating since i made so many changes, but we definitely enjoyed this. i served it as an appie for my burns night supper. i used all beef shank, and used mixed pickling spice in place of the seasonings. i also did this in stages, boiling the beef one day and allowing it to cool overnight. i was able to skim off a lot of fat that way. i shredded the beef in the food processor and returned it to the broth, which was plenty concentrated enough to gelatinize when chilled and hold it all together. as suggested, it was served with oatcakes and jalapeno mustard, which gave a nice kick. today we had some of the leftover hough sliced into a sandwich and spread with the mustard. yum!

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graffeetee January 23, 2011
Potted Hough Delicious Starter for a Haggis Supper