Potted Ham

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

My brother found this recipe in an old cookbook published in the 1920’s I think this originally came from a turn of the century cookbook that was reprinted in the ‘20’s.Potted ham is a good way to use up leftovers from any ham. Smoked ham works particularly well. The recipe can be doubled or reduced as necessary.

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  1. Dice ham into cubes removing rind, gristle and excess fat.
  2. In food processor, rough grind the ham, if necessary, some at a time, so processor doesn't bog down. Transfer ground meat to a bowl.
  3. When ham is ground, put it back into the food processor grinding bowl and add the mayonnaise and spices.
  4. Turn on processor and homogenize until all ingredients are finely chopped and to the consistency of a smooth paste.
  5. Serve spread on bread for sandwich, on crackers or toast points for hors d'oeuvres.