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This was absolutely delightful. It was almost like mashed potatoes, but so very light and fluffy. My experience with souffles is that they usually fall as they cool. I was amazed that this puffed so nicely and held its form as it cooled. DH thinks we ought to have this one again too! Thank you for sharing this recipe Dee!!!

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Cindy Lynn September 20, 2002

though i didn't care for this too much, my husband seemed to relish it, so giving it 4* by virtue of that. i felt that it needed more seasoning (even though the nutmeg was a nice touch) - next time perhaps i will add some mixed herbs, even though this time i did top it with some seasoned breadcrumbs. they also didn't collapse like most airier souffles do - i think the density of the potatoes makes them more structurally stable and they were able to retain their shape even till the next day and look very presentable.

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eatrealfood March 31, 2005
Potato Souffle