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Jan, my family adored this vegetables and all!
I followed the recipe nearly exactly, I added some chopped chives and cooked the bacon and onion in the microwave, and that was the only minor change.
I made this not for dinner but for DS and DD to take for lunches, as they love their potato salad. DS is a little bit of a potato salad connoisseur and if he likes it then it must be really good.
Well Jan he really loved this, he came home after a dinner out and ate a plate full then got up from the table and proceeded to make a container for lunch the next day.... he could not find one a container big enough!!!! lol
Then DD came home and did the same thing..... one complaint was ..... her brother had taken too much and there was not enough for her! Mind you she had a large container also!
Great simple and easy recipe to make, and the taste is fantastic, the sour cream just gives this salad a great edge!
Thanks Jan.

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Tisme October 11, 2010

Excellent! I used red potatoes for mine. Took this to a potluck and it went over big time! I did add cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper to it. Next time I would cook the onions separately from the bacon as onion did cook faster than the bacon. Thanks JustJanS for sharing.

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WiGal August 10, 2009

W o n d e r f u l !! I loved this potato salad! Even my husband, who is a confirmed pea-hater, said that the peas in this recipe were just right! I personally loved the peas in place of celery which would have been the norm in most potato salad recipes. I had a little trouble with step #4. My bacon was diced very small, but it didn't want to cook along with the onion. The onion burned before the bacon was cooked through, so I tried again. This time, I cooked the bacon through, removed the bacon from the pan and then cooked the onion which worked perfectly! Needless to say, this salad was an awesome hit at our table! Thanks, Jan!

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Bev April 09, 2006

yummy, I espically liked the sour creme and peas, a nice change to traditional potato salad. I used russet potatoes and left the peel on. We did chill the dish before serving, ( i think because we are use to eating it cold) but I think this salad would have been better served right away, slightly warm. Still very Delicious. Thanks for the recipe I will definatley be making it again.

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chel August 11, 2005

This was really good. I used red potatoes which I did not peel but just cut into quarters, placed in a plastic bag with a little water and microwaved for about 8 minutes. I also added some sliced green onion and some sliced black olives to the mixture. I made it intending it for a side dish to grilled steak but Mike had to work late so I ate it as a one dish meal by myself. I was not dissapointed. Thank you!

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Ilysse July 25, 2005
Potato salad