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I thought this was fantastic, and not too difficult to make (although not as quick as everyone else has said). I used fresh caught speckled trout, which I thought worked well. If you're serving to kids, you might want to leave out the rosemary - my kids did not like it as much as I did. I soaked the grated potatoes in salt water for awhile to help draw out the starch and water, then drained them and poured them out on paper towels to dry. I added some grated onion (also drained on paper towels) and minced garlic to the crust for flavor. It came out perfect!

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tarrajohnson October 06, 2010

This was pretty good. I didn't pull up the recipe before making it, so I used thyme instead of Rosemary and omitted Salt. I think I used a bit too much oil also as it was quite greasy and only a bit crispy, but that's my own fault. I will likely try it again, it did taste good regardless of my mistakes and it was easy to throw together. You do need to make sure you use high heat.

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Ba4Hire March 10, 2008

This is a nice recipe, and very easy to prepare, however, cooking over medium-high heat actually ruined the dish, I felt that the potatoes became quite oily. I wish I had of followed the advice from some of the other reviewers who recommended cooking in very very hot oil. I will definately try this recipe again, because I like the concept, however, I think in order to get a crisp coating, that isn't oily, it definately needs to be cooked at a very high heat. Thanks Chef Kate for a interesting recipe.

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Suzin January 07, 2008

A meal to impress!!! But only after you get the hang of it. 1. DO NOT OVER DO THE CRUST. I put too thick a crust and this just DID NOT WORK. 2.Make sure your oil is VERY VERY VERY VERY hot before putting the fish in the pan. If it's not hot enough the potato won't brown and will fall apart in an oily mess. 3. If there is left over potato, it's worth adding an egg and some flour and making some latkes (potato pancakes). Fry them up same as the fish...just without the fish. 4. When the fish shrinks up (YOU WILL NOTICE IT!!!) it's done. I added a full sprig of rosemary and two potatos. Since I LOVE rosemary this packed a delicious punch. Really beautiful to look at. Like a big potato pancake filled with fish. I used pollack. It's about a 4.5 star recipe!

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Food Snob in Israel August 07, 2007

This was good but isn't a favourite :) The potato was nice and crispy but I found the fish a little too moist. That might have been because I used tilapia as cod and halibut were not available!

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eillena April 18, 2007

A simple prep w/a simply delicious outcome! Rosemary is freq used w/potatoes & lamb here, but I have not seen it used w/fish. I used haddock & let it sit in some lemon juice for 30 min while I grated the potato & prepared the rest of the meal. 10 min later dinner was on the table. This recipe serves 2 & I would normally have made it as written, but I was smart, doubled it & served it w/broccoli + fresh fruit for dessert. Low cal, low fat & 2 thumbs up from DH. Thx for this 1, Kate.

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twissis January 25, 2007

This is put together in almost no time and the outcome is fantastic. The fish is protected by the potatoes during cooking. So the fish is soft and juicy. But the potatoes get well browned and build a wonderful crunchy crust. I have tried it with several diffrenet fish (halibut, tilapia, cat fish). And today with a very thin fillet of flounder. Perfect results every time. A perfect fish recipe - foolproof. You can't go wrong, even if you have never made fish. Thanks for sharing.

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Thorsten October 22, 2006

Enjoyed this very much. Used basa fillets,about 1 lb., and could have used a bigger potato as I ran out of coating. But it's definitely a keeper. Thanks for posting, Chef Kate!

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woodland hues October 16, 2006
Potato-Rosemary Crusted Fish Fillets